The Future of Data Governance


From word of mouth to paper records, from computer input to data analysis; Data Governance has indeed made a significant contribution to the progress of human civilization. As electronic science is growing by leaps and bounds, it also brings out a vast number of data and its complexity, increasing the difficulty of governance. Fortunately, organizations always have a diligent Chief Information Officer to fix any data processing problems from all works of life.

The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management defines Data Governance as 'The exercise of authority, control and shared decision making (planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets.’ Data Governance is a strategy that is designed to acquire information for organizations timely and help them make beneficial decisions in the huge and complex amount of data, through the effective classification, analysis, and compliance process authority of the IT Department. Therefore, the importance of building a good data governance environment is undeniable.

The seminar this year will discuss unstructured data governance and further explain the key of ezAcquire and future Road Map. Looking forward to your participation. Thank you.
Event Information
Date:11-12 November 2022 (Friday to Saturday)
Location:FULLON HOTEL FULONG-Breez(No.41 Fulong Street, Fulongli, Gongliao District, New Taipei City)