How ezAcquire Can Help Your Business




 Why Document Management Is Essential to Any Organization?


Provide a centralized location for documents that's easy for authorized users to search.

Audit Trails

All the operations are recorded including which authorized user and when.

Security Control

Access to documents is limited only to authorized users.


What are the benefits of a document management system?

Protect Sensitive Information

Administrators can grant access to each user as needed to ensure that documents can be only accessed by authorized users.

Improving Productivity

It's easy to retrieve the digital files by given indexes and find the right documents when you need them. 

Reducing Overhead Cost

Going paperless saves time which equals money and frees up spaces for more valuable uses. 


ezAcquire is designed and developed by a professional team with 20-year experience.  




80% of the insurance firms in Taiwan are our clients now, and we look forward to cooperating with more Asian companies!