A Seminar on Next-Gen Information Framework for Financial and Insurance Business


Most core systems of financial insurance businesses in Taiwan are already over a decade or even two decades old. Despite their age, these systems have remained stable and capable of handling the growth and development of Cross-Straits economy and trade. Recently, IT terminal and equipment have undergone a series of miniaturization. New user interfaces have been released, while storage and applications domain have been transferred to the Cloud. Such revolutionary developments have spelled the inevitability of IT system transformation, with companies preparing extensively for the impending change.

We have invited the board of directors from 5 major companies (Capgemini, HP, IBM, Kingdee and Oracle) as well as Dr. Yu-hung Chu of computer sciences, chief technician of the Greater China Region of The Open Group (an organization with 400 corporate members around the world). These guests shall provide opinions on next-generation information framework for financial and insurance businesses. It is hoped that this seminar will provide fellow IT managers with the latest global trends to better prepare for the future.

Chaogun also prepared another series of product release for this seminar: DocAudit management system. DocAudit was developed using the ezAcquire core, it is a business tool designed specifically for statutory regulations that were promulgated last month. DocAudit is capable of digitalizing important printed personal information documents within the organization and providing central management in order to eliminate contact with confidential or sensitive personal information by non-essential personnel. DocAudit provides encryption and protection for data storage and transmission, management mechanisms for document categories and storage duration, as well as complete usage records, audit trails, and audit reports.
Event information
Date: 2-3 November 2012 (Friday to Saturday)
Location: Hotel Royal Chiaohsi banquet hall (No. 69, Wufeng Road, Dazhongcun Road, Jiaoxi Township)