Make good use of AI to improve IA and make digital transformation great again


IA (Intelligent Automation/ Intelligent Augmentation) is an important project that information managers have been optimizing for decades. Started form the digitization of Office, the structure data association of RDB, the business resource re-engineering of ERP 20 years ago, the foundation of BPM, and then the RPA in recent years. Through these digital transformations, the efficiency of workflow has been improved progressively.
Apart from AI, the maturity of cognitive computing capabilities such as natural language processing, visual recognition, deep learning and big data will push the application of IA to a whole new level more quickly because of the rapid growth of the enterprises.
Let us brainstorm together to imagine a new business process service full of future technology. In addition, we’ll explain the roadmap of ezAcquire in the coming years.
Event Information
Date:1-2 November 2019 (Friday to Saturday)
Location:Cuncyue Hot Spring Resort (No. 190, Zhandong Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County)