Investigative Seminar for a New Age of Digital Business Strategies for the Financial and Insurance Sectors


A lot has been going on and we are heading towards the 4th Quarter of the year. For example, we have the US Debt Crisis, political upheavals, food safety concerns, and poor economic performance. These events have cast doubts on the effectiveness of the business world in creating new opportunity. However, would it be an opportunity for IT professionals like us to contribute towards to business strategies that can help to solve the problems?

This year we have invited Garner (company that specializes in IT technology research and consultation, reviewing IT research, development, assessments, applications, and potential markets) consultant to come and share with us about Insurance Digital Business Technology for year 2014-2018. We hope that this sharing section will spark some ideas to form your company’s strategies from an IT perspective.

On top of that, Chaogun will share about the trend in the application of paperless electronic signing in accounting documents. It does not only save the storage space needed for paper documents, it saves the effort needed in documents retrieval, and increase the productivity.
Event information
Date: 15-16 November 2013 (Friday to Saturday)
Location: RSL Hotels & Restorts(No. 301 Su-ao Township , Yilan County, the Central Plains Road ) Ballroom L Hall (1F)