Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Architecture & Common Money Laundering Crime Types and Identification Methods Seminar by Chaogun


To learn about the definition of money laundering that is stated in regulation of Basel Bank from a financial transaction perspective..., and how the terrorists and other criminal groups use the Hawala system and the currency exchange system for funds transfer..., and the corresponding AML information system is the theme of this year's seminar.

The Financial Supervisory Commission has crafted the "Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks and Prevention plan" at the end of 2014. Financial institutions are then required to complete the planning, construction and management on risk involved in money laundering and terrorism financing before 2016.01.31. The first money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment and its prevention plan for all bank branches need to be completed before 2016.07.31.

Chaogun has invited a senior consultant who has 20 years of banking related IT project planning and management experience, while also having a strong background in KPMG Enterprise Management Consulting to share his insights on our subject: AML and counter terrorism architecture and common money laundering crime types and identification methods. It is expected that the information provided by him on the respective regulations, as well as the infrastructure process and case sharing, will actually assist in helping our clients to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities when it comes to handling customers information.
Event Information
Date:6-7 November 2015 (Friday to Saturday)
Location:Spring City Resort (No.18 Youya Rd. Beitou Dist. Taipei City)