Specially Designed to Store Large Amounts of Images


The unique technologies PackFile and direct addressing make the performance will not be affected by the amount of data. When the number of images reaches millions, the speed is still stable and fast.



Supported Multiple Image Repositories
Files can be stored separately according to document type or retention period. (e.g. SAN / NAS Storage)

Two-tier Caching Mechanism (In Memory Cache & In Disk Cache)
While considering the company's location and bandwidth, several IS (Image Service) Servers can be set up to provide fast retrieval to branches with smaller bandwidth in the headquarter computer room, and also conserve bandwidth.


Audit Log

All the operations are recorded.

Comply with the regulations relating personal information.

 Audit Log has its own checking mechanism, it will be detected when the usage record has been tampered with.


File Conversion
Image files can be created from scanned documents or digital files (PDF, from mobile or Internet).

Customizable Settings Allow Scanner to Recognize Different Document Sets via:
 ID codes on the papers
a blank sheet of paper inserted between document sets
a fixed, preset number of pages


   Recognizable Code Formats

    QR Code
    OCR in English and Chinese

    ICR in English


Quickly grasp the overall system status on a single screen.

Responsive Web Design(RWD)
You can use ezAcquire across different devices, including desktops, tablets and cell phones.

Form Groups
Easily manage role permissions based on form groups instead of setting them separately.

Compatible With All Scanners
Supported both the TWAIN and ISIS driver standards.

Color Selections
Black & White and Color formats can be saved under one image number.

Role-based Masking Feature
When unauthorized users access the document, the masks will automatically be in place.


AES256 Encryption & TLS 1.2
The storage and transport are encrypted.

Supported RESTful API Interface