Knowledge Workflow Management Conference




The guru of management Peter Drucker said: "Knowledge will become the production tool of the next generation society. Knowledge workers will quickly become the largest labor force and the main generator of wealth. The success or even survival of every business is increasingly dependent on the performance of its knowledge workers."

The father of knowledge-creation theory, Nonaka Ikujiro, said: "Knowledge is the most reliable source of competitive advantage that any company can continuously depend upon."

The Institute for Information Industry MIC research report also pointed out that knowledge management can be divided into 3 levels. The 1st level is knowledge retention where knowledge in an organization is documented. The 2nd level is knowledge sharing, where a well-functioning mechanism is used to help knowledge flow and interact within the organization. The 3rd and ultimate level of knowledge management is for employees to absorb existing knowledge, discover new problems, and generate new knowledge. Research by the Gartner Group found that 70% of the value in establishing the knowledge management system can be realized through the sharing of know-hows. Hence, the most immediate benefits of knowledge management are achieved by facilitating knowledge sharing.

Chaogun's mission has always been offering companies with knowledge management applications. After releasing the ezAcquire platform many years ago, Chaogun's team has never ceased innovative developments. This year, we will be releasing knowledge management (KM) applications and specifically invited Professor Hung-hsiang Chiu to share his extensive experiences in both the industry and academia. Professor Chiu has worked with Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, and other renowned international corporations, and helped many public listed companies in Taiwan in introducing KM concepts. This seminar will provide businesses with a practical approach from the diverse selection of KM theories and projects available. We look forward in having various senior IT industry workers to join us in this seminar.

In a separate topic, Chaogun has spent years in developing ezAcquire. In response to modern Internet advancements and to comply with the Internet application development standards, we are now working to bringing HTML5 into the core of the ezAcquire platform. This seminar shall also announce technical applications of HTML5 and ezAcquire to provide the audience with a better understanding of the latest development for ezAcquire.
Event information
Date: 7-8 November 2014 (Friday to Saturday)
Location: Yuehua Hall, Silks Place Yilan (No. 36, Section 2, Minquan Road, Yilan City)