The Post-Pandemic Era: Zero Touch Insurance with Digit


In times when social distancing is the new normal, having most things at zero-touch is almost necessary. However, this hinders many commercial activities. Covid-19 will be the main factor for the digital transformation of enterprises. Therefore, many traditional transaction behaviors that require face-to-face will increasingly rely on digital tools to complete. In particular, the more children born in the 90s who grew up on the Internet, the more complete the digital services provided by the company.
When the pandemic was at its worst in May this year, FSC agreed to accept the filing by the ROC Life Insurance Association of its "Temporary Principles for the Conduct of Face-to-Face Interactions and the Handling of Hardcopy Documents by Life Insurers during the COVID-19 Pandemic." The salesperson does not need to meet the customer in person, instead, use video recording to see the insured person sign it in person. This made insurance sales officially entered the zero-touch era.
In order to help banks and insurance companies achieve zero-touch digital services, ezAcquire is actively developing a corresponding storage and retrieval platform for video and audio. The evidence is completely stored in the ezAcquire background, so that companies and customers can complete transactions with peace of mind.
Event Information
Date:12-13 November 2021 (Friday to Saturday)
LocationDancewoods Hotel - Calligraphy Conference Hall (3F., No. 459, Sec. 2, Wubin Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County)