“Insights on Cost Reduction and Boosting Service Innovation on IT Operation: IT4IT Operational Model Seminar” by Chaogun


Gartner, a global market leading technology consulting firm has found that many corporate information departments struggle to control IT costs each year. While most companies believe that the cost of operating and maintaining infrastructure is increasing, which decreases the funding for innovation and development of new business application services. Gartner recommends to reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase innovation and development funding by understanding more about IT operation insights.
Our seminar speaker will introduce how the world's largest oil company, Shell, optimizes its IT department's operational model. Shell has been using the IT4IT reference architecture - the international standard for the information industry that is released in 2016 as a vendor and internal IT governance guidelines through their collaboration with The Open Group. Among the guidelines, Shell emphasizes that IT needs to be faster, easier to use, work well every day, and meet these requirements at a lower cost and risk. Today's advancing technology such as cloud computing, IT consumerization, mobile terminals and big data added to the technology complexity of the future. These trends have increased the integration of more technologies and applications, as well as the needs to automate IT management. Shell understands that it must adopt to the open market standards to provide these integrated capabilities to manage IT functions and help its business to gain success and innovation.
The theme of the seminar will be IT4IT operational model - an international standard in 2016 (including value chain, data model, service model and application function) and explore practices related to the information, insurance and banking industry. Other topics such as development history and future goals of ezAcquire products will also be shared. We do hope and expect our participants to gain much from this seminar.
Event Information
Date:4-5 November 2016 (Friday to Saturday)
Location:The Lakeshore Hotel Su-ao Dual-Spring Resort
(No.38, Zhongzheng Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County , Taiwan)