According to medical regulation, paper medical records have to be kept for at least 7 years, docMedical provides a smarter storage method. While the paper medical records are scanned into image files, the digital medical forms are offered to achieve paperless and promote digital medical records.

Proper Preservation on Paper Medical Records

docMedical also integrates the documents that cannot be digitalized, such as electrocardiography, hand drawings from surgeons and surgical consent.

Form Comparison

The image recognition of the form template comparison is more than 90%. To improve performance, docMedical would classify scans, limit the number of form templates in different scan types and speed up scanning and importing.

 Keyword Query

You can retrieve by indexes, such as medical record number, name andID number. docMedical allows to check in real time on application, the location of medical records become less important.

Safe and Secure

Regular data backup
The digitized medical records are encrypted.
All the operations are recorded in Audit Log.

Strict user permissions, user without authorization cannot access data.
Print and output with watermark, and also provide electronic signature function.