docLawyer allows you to read and edit another case file while waiting for the court session. It helps reduce paper storage, avoid the loss caused by disasters and achieve permanent preservation.


Customer information and case management

Natural person and juristic person are filed separately to facilitate contact with clients and control the latest status of cases at any time. Combine customer information, process management and file collaboration to efficiently link case-related information.

File and various electronic file management

Smart document bookmarks and indexes, unified management of case data and various electronic files. While improving the browsing speed, it saves manpower, time and paper costs.

 Calendar and to-do list

The calendar is linked to the case, multiple calendar groups can be created according to different situations and set reminder. Quickly check the time of meetings and court sessions to improve team efficiency.

Accounts receivable tracking and report statistics

Integrate billing functions such as petty cash, employee hours, and interview hours in cases, and related expenses are presented in statistical reports.

 User permission control

In addition to authority control and data backup, the storage and transmission are encrypted. Comply with the personal information law and meet the need of the protection and management for paper documents.